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Corporate Offers

  • Tailored to your team and the challenges in your field

  • Improving stress management, focus and communication

What I can help you with

WayWiser offers custom-made workshops and talks for corporate teams.

My current flagship workshop "Office warrior" brings yoga movements and mindfulness to your workplace. Read more about it here.

Here are some other topics I offer corporate events for:​

  • Managing work stress

  • Dealing with uncertainty

  • Improving focus

  • Reducing procrastination

  • Improving work-life balance

  • Strengthening self-confidence

  • Improving communication

If you would like support with a specific challenge that is not listed, let's arrange a call to see how we can work together. My goal is to find a solution that works for you.


Office Warrior

WayWiser's flagship workshop.

What is it?

A online or in-person workshop to help your team incorporate simple but powerful yoga stretches and mindfulness techniques into their work life. No need to bring out the yoga matt!

What is it good for?

It helps to improve focus, wellbeing and reduces the mental and physical impact of stress. 

Who is it for?

Any office based team. No previous knowledge or yoga skills required. The workshop is particularly geared to people who "don't do" yoga (so far) or would like to incorporate it more into their daily life. 

What's so special about it?

This workshop does not just show your team why yoga and mindfulness are great tools for a more balanced life; more importantly it teaches them how to incorporate simple techniques into their busy work days. 

Office Warrior



or book a free discovery call here.

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